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Sunday, December 12, 2010

macaron take #1 - failure.

Total disaster. Some turned out cracked, some pancake-flat, almost every one resembled an amoeba and all failed. My only consolation was that at least they weren't crippled- they had "feet". Okay, maybe more like frills. The only macaron shell I was moderately pleased with was, funnily, the tiniest one.
The rest were more like this one.
I made two colours for the intended vanilla and rose macarons. The pink colouring was a fright to work with. Just one drop stained my entire finger which ended up looking like a mutant part of me. Not pretty. At first, the batter was almost a ghastly neon pink! I'm so glad that baking lightened the colour a bit.
I made a rosewater buttercream and a vanilla bean buttercream to sandwich between the macarons. The recipe for both the macarons and the fillings are from the amazing Tartelette with the exception of the rosewater buttercream. Her recipe is perfectly fine. It's me. I over-whipped the egg whites and under-mixed the final batter. And I piped badly.
Would you like an ivory macaron?
Oh gosh... they're just hideous. I'm just so demoralized I need to wallow in defeat.
How about a pastel pink macaron?
But! Amanda does not go down so easily! I will conquer the macaron, and I will show no mercy! HA!
Can't decide? Just take both!
But just not today...

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