I've Moved!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

berries tart /ベリーのタルト

dessert - berries (cheesecake) tart

Anddd I'm on to my second tart this week! It's crazy how much I adore this book. The tart I chose to make this time is this berries tart because well, I had some strawberries and cream cheese on hand but truth be told I was dying to make a certain banana caramel one!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

blueberry custard tart /ブルーベリーのカスタードタルト

I know I'm approximately 11 days late but happy new year everyone! The moment the last minute of 2014 lapsed into the first minute of 2015 I was in Japan (a.k.a. my favorite place on earth) so my 2015 got off to a wonderful start. This also explains the silence for the past few weeks or so but I brought back tons of inspiration from Japan so I'll be updating more frequently from now on, or at least until my inspiration runs out!