I've Moved!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

chestnut mug cake.

dessert - an autumn parfait (chestnut mug cake, sweet potato, chestnut cream)

Autumn, factually speaking, lasts three months. It didn't feel that way to me, however; the first few days of the season still bore the lingering heat of summer like a reluctant goodbye, then all of a sudden the leaves of trees all around burst into hues of fire and gold - a pretty picture too fleeting as strong unrelenting gusts of autumnal wind scattered them to the ground and stripped the branches bare. Alas, winter has arrived.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

yogurt pancakes with sauteed cinnamon apples.

autumn breakfast - yogurt pancakes with sauteed cinnamon apples

Sometimes I feel as though the universe is conspiring against me, such as today - on which I was planning to make pancakes and upload a post because winter break has finally, thankfully begun. Otherwise I wouldn't usually have enough time to bake and take decent pictures before the sun sets, which is crazy early here right now. But when I woke up this morning the sky was moodier than I typically am on Mondays and obstinately remained the same overcast shade of grey the entire day.