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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the entremet wannabe.

Warning: This is not an alien. This is, believe it or not, a cake.

It was supposed to be an entremet, but it's just so... so... hideously ugly I cannot bestow it the honor of calling it one. Furthermore, I think pastry chefs all around the world would come after me with a chopper. 

Well, to be fair to myself, this is my first ever multi-component cake. What went wrong wasn't the individual components but rather the unmolding of the cake domes. You see, I didn't follow a specific recipe, the idiot I am. I somehow conjured up this creation from the depths of my imagination. So obviously, something went horribly wrong. 

I couldn't unmold the cake.
Hazelnut praline feuilette, creme patisserie au chocolat, genoise, gelee de framboise, truffes au beurre d'arachide, creme patisserie au chocolat, glacage au chocolat noir
*Snort* Duh, I didn't use any gelatin at all in my pastry cream even though I knew I should have. No wonder it didn't unmold! Thank goodness for the chocolate glaze because... you don't want to see what's beneath it. Trust me, you don't. 
Hazelnut praline sheet, milk chocolate pastry cream, genoise sponge, raspberry jelly, peanut butter truffle, milk chocolate pastry cream, dark chocolate glaze
Surprisingly though, it was quite good! The layering is terrible but you can roughly make out which is which, I hope. Peanut butter- chocolate- raspberry is a classic combo. Delish! I think what really makes it is the crunchy hazelnut layer below. The best thing- there's a shortcut to making it. Instead of caramelizing and grinding up the hazelnuts blah blah blah... I used Nutella and called it a day. I just had to melt chocolate, nutella and butter before stirring it crushed cornflakes and voila! 

This monstrosity has spurred me on to attempt other entremets, with proper recipes of course. I've learnt my lesson already. I'm thinking something non-chocolate- I've depleted a sizeable amount of chocolate today. I'm thinking this recipe.

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