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Saturday, August 13, 2011

cereal milk.

Remember those honey stars treats that I made that didn't quite sit so well with me? I didn't want them to go to waste so I came up with this idea to heat up some milk and pour it into a glass with the treats. I've never really liked milk on its own (an understatement, actually), but I've always lapped up the remains from a cereal bowl. Basically, I figured that I like sweet milk. Amongst sweet cookies and sweet cakes and sweet tarts... And you know what?

I loved this. 

The cereal sacrificed itself fully for the milk and became limp and soggy, not to mention devoid of flavour, but the milk itself had a subtle sweetness with a thicker consistency because of the starch from the marshmallows and the cereal. I said the cereal was seriously lacking but I ate it anyway. It's not that bad. Has a nice chew.

Okay, so here's how you go about it.

Get a chunk of cereal treats. Honey stars, rice krispies, whatever you have. Just make sure that they're made with marshmallows. Get yourself a glass and dump the treats in. How much milk you will use depends on the size of your treats so please use some common sense. Of course, I won't blame you if you make it super concentrated. Mmm... Then, heat up some milk until it comes to a simmer, pour it into the prepared glass with the treats. Let it cool and refrigerate overnight. It should be ready and cold in the morning but I made mine 24 hours ahead so that I could suck the life out of those treats.



  1. If you're a fan of cereal milk, you must check out Christina Tosi and her recipes and Milk Bar in NYC!!

  2. I would totally go!... if I had a plane ticket! Haha.

  3. This sounds - different! But good~! :) You have a nice little collection of recipes I am going to have to look through~!
    ~Lisa @