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Saturday, November 26, 2011

broken glass jello.

Oh look! That square of jello has a heart shape in it. How cute.

You know, I always thought jello should be pretty darn easy to make. I mean, how hard can dissolving and pouring be? But of course something always goes wrong when I have to unmold stuff. What is wrong with me? Argh.

You see, I made the colored jello first and tried to unmold and cut them into tiny little squares. Before I could even attempt some knife action, the huge block of jello decided to tear on me because it stuck to the pan. So I got a really uneven bottom. Okay... I carried on cutting them into squares, dumping them into a bowl as I went and all went well for a while. I dumped the bowl of red and green cubes into the fridge and said goodnight.

The next day, I had to empty the bowl of jello cubes into a pan for the actual making of broken glass jello. I reached out to grab a square... and retrieved a jagged half. Holy poo! All the squares jelled together overnight! I tried to peel them away from each other carefully but the bottom layer (the base of the bowl) was beyond repair. In the end, I just ripped the jello apart into small pieces. So much for cutting them.

I guess they looked okay and almost artistic, sitting in that sheet pan but I didn't think so after I poured in the condensed milk layer and sliced the final jello. Oh man... it's freakin' jello! It shouldn't be this hard to make!

The most disappointing part is that it didn't taste fantastic. Sure, there was condensed milk in the stuff but it was rather... ordinary. If only mine could have turned out as pretty as The Food Librarian's, I would feel like the time I spent on it was justified. Oh well...

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