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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

honey stars treats.

I've never made rice krispie treats before and I'm really curious about them. But, I don't really like rice krispies so hello honey stars treats!

The verdict? I don't know... I guess I'm not exactly loving them. They were way too chewy and because I made them thicker, it was really hard to eat. Probably also because the honey stars were bigger than rice krispies. My jaw got a really good workout.

And these pictures deserve to be in the trash... I couldn't find that right angle...

You can find the recipe for the original rice krispies treats here. I followed it mostly, apart from subbing the rice krispies for honey stars and using a smaller pan for thicker treats.


  1. I know I didn't do a good job telling you about it! So sorry! I was so busy yesterday getting ready for the giveaway that I barely gave the award much attention! Ok, so here's how it works. The award is in my blog post from yesterday (you'll actually have to click on a link to a different page, but you'll see where). You "pick it up" by copying the image into a post on your blog, where you thank the person you gave it to you, list a few things about yourself that you didn't know, and pass it on to a few other bloggers and let them know about it by commenting on their blog and letting them know where to go to "pick it up." You're also supposed to post the instructions for picking it up and passing it along {but I obviously dropped the ball on that one :)} Congrats :)

  2. **ha, I mean list a few things about yourself that WE don't know (clearly YOU know everything about yourself, lol...)

  3. Wow this dessert actually looks so delicious! why you don't post the recipe.