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Monday, August 1, 2011

brown butter ice cream cones.

Oh yeah, ice cream cones again.

But not just ice cream cones. They're browned butter ice cream cones. Made correctly this time with the proper amount of flour but omission of vanilla which was a bad move on hindsight so please if you decide to make this browned butter or not keep the vanilla because even though egg whites are not as eggy as egg yolks they still are so the vanilla really helps to mask that... thank you.

*Update: Actually, the batter smells eggy only before baking it but the egginess disappeared completely after. In fact, I prefer the cones without vanilla. They have a much cleaner flavour.

I had a mini brainwave while spreading the batter, which is to sprinkle coarse sugar and sea salt around the edges of the circle, like for a cocktail glass. Ooh la la. 

Because I had the sense to use the correct amount of flour this time, the cones were much easier to roll and my fingers suffered a lot less pain and torture.

And ice cream cones can only mean one thing- come on, guess~

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