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Thursday, June 30, 2011

cake ♥.

I love cakes. Can you tell?

Especially layer cakes.

Like this chocolate-vanilla-caramel cake...

neapolitan cake...

I'm a vanilla girl but this chocolate cake takes the cake. Really!

And how can life be boring with green velvet cake?

Be all dainty and petite with a japanese strawberry shortcake...

Convince yourself that cake is health food with carrot cake...

Or do yourself some serious malty damage.

So now it's your turn- what is your food weakness?


  1. I'm a cake fiend too, I'm halfway through lunch I'm already drooling over dessert - I have to go out and buy some cake now! So I know how you bake yours... where do you buy yours or is that blasphemy?

  2. I do buy the occasional cake from bakeries but it's hard to find one that suites your tastes exactly so that's why I choose to bake my own more often:) I live in a different country from you so I can't give any recommendations^^