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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spinach quiche.

Sometimes I look at all the things I have baked (and consumed) and wonder how many packs of butter and sugar have been wiped out. So I thought, maybe just for this once, I should bake something savoury. Quiche was on my to do list for ages so the perfect opportunity had arrived.

Quiche has a so-goood-but-so-baaad crust, but its semi-healthy too. Which means you can get away with having a huge chunk. Well, I did anyway.

When I think quiche, I think vegetables. I toyed with the idea of adding grilled eggplant, roasted asparagus, or even roasted red peppers but I finally decided on good old spinach because it was the easiest. Just boil and you're done. But one thing to take note of, especially if you're using fresh spinach, is to squeeze the life out of it. Otherwise, all that excess liquid would turn the crust to mush.

I wanted to try a quiche without cheese for a change, since every time I order a quiche outside, it always has some dang cheese. Personally, I'm not a cheese lover, but I agree this time that a quiche should have cheese in the filling because without it, its just not rich enough. Unless your ratio of eggs to milk is high of course. Mine was 2 eggs to a cup of milk.

The most unfortunate thing happened when the quiche was halfway through baking- there was a leak! I swear I didn't notice a crack when I par-baked it! Maybe it was that tiny one, but it didn't go all the way through. Anyway, the egg mixture flowed out from the sides of the pan and pooled around the edges. Ugh. Luckily, only some managed to leak out before the custard set.

I actually used a spring-form pan because I didn't have a 6 inch pie plate. Despite the boo boo, I think a spring-form pan is a pretty good substitute if you're short of a pie plate.

A quiche is pretty simple so I won't post any recipe but just to let you know, I used an America's Test Kitchen one. But if you're looking for a good basic crust recipe, click here.

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