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Monday, March 14, 2011

sticky sticky buns.

Beware. This is evil in disguise.

It makes your self-restraint disappear, your saliva flow like Niagara Falls, and your pants tight. Behold, the Sticky Sticky Bun.

Finally, I've attempted the famous sticky bun recipe by Joanne Chang which trashed Bobby Flay's in a throwdown! It shouldn't have took me so long but the amount of butter in the entire recipe totally put me off. Brioche + goo, there was close to 1 3/4 cup in the entire batch! I think my butt just grew.

Anyway, I didn't part with that much butter. I did just a third of the recipe to make 3 buns and adjusted the amount of goo since I read that it made too much. 2 cups for 8 buns? I think we may have a mini volcano eruption going on. I quartered the amount to get a 1/2 cup to share among the 3 buns and I still had way too much. But it was because when the dough doubled in size it unceremoniously pushed the goo out of the pan, so I suggest you hold on to the extra goo and drizzle the remaining on after baking.

Note: I made mine in individual pans which resulted in the overflowing goo. If you made yours in a 9 x 13 I doubt you'll have any issues. I love the shape of the buns I get from the pans! So cute and chubby.

Besides the change in quantities, I also tweaked the recipe by adding dates and more cinnamon to the filling. I feel that Joanne is always very shy with the cinnamon in her recipes. The dates worked so perfectly with the gooey center! I'm such a genius! They contributed more moisture to the rolls and when forked up with some buttery brioche and goo, it's like an orchestra is playing in your mouth. I'm serious. I wanted some more after I finished, and do you know how huge one bun is? Bakeries always make stuff off ginormous proportions. But that's why I love them.

Do remember that you should use half the recipe of Basic Brioche Dough, not the full quantity. And forget about letting the buns cools. Just dig in!

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