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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I must be the last person on earth to eat a s'more. It must be the marshmallows. I admit, I'm not a marshmallow fan, but molten gooey marshmallows? Heck, yes please!

I decided to make s'mores when I came across a recipe for one in Joanne Chang's Flour cookbook but the marshmallow recipe had egg whites and the graham cracker recipe had some ingredients that I didn't have on hand. I heard that marshmallows made with egg whites melt too quickly to be enjoyed in a s'more so I didn't want to use her recipe. But this voice in the back of my head kept chanting S'mores. S'mores. You gotta make s'mores.

I used Baked's recipe for vanilla marshmallows instead since I've made it before and was pleased with the results. Somehow, the marshmallows were stickier this time. I think its because I didn't beat the mixture as much. More air makes it lighter and easier to manage. (You know how bad an idea it is to touch the marshmallow mixture? Trust me, I know. But I just love fingering the white fluff. It's so spongey and light, practically an edible cloud.) When grilled just slightly, the warm marshmallows dissolved on my tongue like a good quality vanilla ice-cream. And the light crust on top? Just give me a spoon and a bowl of marshmallow gratin and I'll be contented for the rest of my life.

I used the graham crackers I made yesterday.
I think s'mores should be more variations than just chocolate and vanilla marshmallows. Why not green tea marshmallows and adzuki beans? Peanut butter marshmallows and bananas? Rosewater marshmallows and strawberries? I could make a gourmet s'mores selection!

How about you? What new variation would you come up with?

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