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Saturday, January 14, 2012


This is another recipe taken from my much beloved Desserts by Pierre Herme book. It's quite obvious that I tweaked the assembly of the entremet. For one, it's supposed to be a whole cake and I've made them into individual ones. Secondly, I cut down on one of the layers of cinnamon dough. All because I usually can't find anyone else to share the calories with. (The rest of my family consumes only modest amounts of sugar. I, on the other hand...)

Okay, let me give you the breakdown. Originally, it's supposed to go like this: cinnamon tart dough, chocolate-apple mousse, cinnamon tart dough, chocolate-apple mousse, cinnamon tart dough, chocolate shavings, sliced apples, etc for decoration. As you can pretty much imagine, it's a tart lover's dream.

I love crunchy crumbly tart crusts, but I know that too much of a good thing can be boring. Plus, if I'd used three layers of tart dough in my down-scaled cakes, there would hardly be enough room for the mousse. And I find that even after I left out one layer, the crust to mousse ratio is still pretty darn high. I would definitely prefer more mousse.

You must be thinking, won't the middle layer of crust get soggy after sitting in the middle of two layers of mousse? Nope, at least not before 24 hours, which was when I ate my cake. I can't say so for sure for after 2 days though. Anyway, the crust did absorb a bit of moisture, and surprisingly, that extra bit of moisture did wonders for the crust! It wasn't too crunchy and dry, it was... the perfect texture for a tart crust. It's not much to go on, but I don't know how to explain any further.

As a whole though, the entremet wasn't particularly memorable. There are far better recipes in the book. It feels almost cruel to say this but it's true.

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