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Monday, February 22, 2016

think spring (no-bake greek yogurt strawberry cheesecake).

dessert - no-bake greek yogurt strawberry cheesecake

Spring is almost upon us and in with Valentine's Day just over a week ago and Hina-matsuri approaching, the color pink is slowly making its appearance amongst dreary winter hues. I thought that now would be an apt time to dedicate an entire post to this cherry blossom shade.

dessert - no-bake greek yogurt strawberry cheesecake

I made a no-bake greek yogurt cheesecake with swirls of strawberry jam and the ratio of cream cheese to yogurt was not quite ideal - the cheesecake was not firm enough - so I shall refrain from providing a recipe until I've sorted out this issue, which won't be difficult nor long given how effortless assembling this cheesecake has been and downright delicious this combination of flavours is. I also took this opportunity to try out a decoration technique I've been wanting to test for the longest time, which is basically just arranging slices of strawberries that overlap slightly. 

Resisting the urge to make pink frosting was an effort in vain. Tip: strawberry jam combined with cream cheese or greek yogurt make a pretty decent frosting and glaze respectively. In fact, since these versions spare you the acute sugar onslaught I think they earn an extra point.

dessert - pink strawberry donuts

Tis the season for pink ice cream, pink drinks, pink tumblers, pink sweaters... You get my drift.

And the best part of it all? Warmer weather.

Hell yes.

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