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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

earl grey ferrero rocher cake.

dessert / tea cake - earl grey ferrero rocher cake

Confession: My fridge is overflowing with chocolate. And more than 50% of the chocolates are ferrero rochers. They arrived in one of those square plastic boxes that contain around 50? 100? 39473? of them and as much as the family loves ferrero rochers, there are just way too many of them.

We're finally down to the single digits but nobody has shown signs of finishing them for a while so I decided to take matters in my own hands, which means incorporating them into a cake somehow. I thought that using the chocolates as decoration is a little too simple and predictable so I knew that I had to bake them in some sort of cake batter. I wanted to go by the death-by-chocolate route - chocolate cake and ferrero rochers and chocolate glaze - but I wasn't in the mood for baking chocolate cake because I had been eyeing a certain earl grey loaf recipe for the longest time. Lucky for me, earl grey and chocolate (well chocolate-hazelnut to be precise) happen to gel pretty well together so my final decision was to make an earl grey cake with ferrero rochers baked inside and for good measure, have some nutella-dipped strawberries to accompany the cake.

No matter how often I make these I always can't resist snapping a picture - or two - of them; they're just too gorgeous all lined up like that.

I wanted to decorate the cake with the strawberries and some whipped cream at first but the top of the cake was way too uneven so I settled for just having the strawberries on the side. I did away with the whipped cream in the end but on hindsight I would have liked some to go with the cake.

I got the cake recipe from here and it had a really perplexing mixing method. You'll understand when you look at the recipe. Against better judgement I used the traditional order of mixing instead of following the recipe and while the cake tasted fine, the cake's texture wasn't very ideal. Slightly chewy and not moist enough.

I guess the search for a good earl grey cake recipe is on!

Earl Grey Ferrero Rocher Cake

Follow the recipe here and after pouring a bit of batter into the pan, bury several ferrero rochers in it before topping up with more batter. Bake as directed.


  1. You've combined two of my favourite things here - earl grey and ferrero rocher! This cake looks and sounds divine!

    1. Thank you Thalia! Your orange blossom, rosemary and ricotta combination sounds equally divine!

  2. Early Grey and Ferrero Rocher make this cake very appealing!

  3. Looks extremely tasty. I need to bring my wife some ferrero rocher and http://www.tea-and-coffee.com/earl-grey-tea. You are using tea for this cake, am i right? I am not very good in cooking, let's be true.