I've Moved!

Monday, January 16, 2012

pierre herme's macarons- medelice.

Medelice macarons- macarons that are filled with a sunshine-colored tart lemon cream and have a hazelnut praline pressed in the middle.

I'm not the biggest fan of lemon but the hazelnut praline idea was too good to pass up. So while I loved the praline, I was only neutral to this macaron as a whole. Perhaps citrus lovers would be more inclined to this creation.

Tastes aside, I can finally say that I've conquered the macaron! This batch of macarons had no air spaces in the shell like the previous ones. 100% success! I'm so happy happy happy...

P.S. The next flavour I'm making is going to be exotic... 


  1. Oh, my. It makes me go back to the kitchen. Lovely.

  2. Oh well I AM a huge fan of lemon, so these will definitely go on my to-make list of desserts, yummy.