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Sunday, October 2, 2011

strawberry oreo truffles.

I know I said that my chocolate capacity has been more than satisfied but I had to make just one more chocolate thing. You may not believe me, but I made these truffles more out of a need to use up the scraggly amounts of leftover ingredients rather than a want to eat them.

I had probably 9 oreo cookies bordering on losing their crispness (I ran out of airtight containers) and a few tablespoons of cream cheese. I knew that oreo truffles was the most convenient choice. No other extra ingredients were needed other than the two and exact measurements aren't a must. All you have to do is finely crush the oreos, fillings and all, and add enough cream cheese for the mixture to form an ebony malleable ball.

I thought the strawberry element was quite unique. Anyone who has eaten an oreo cookie would know that oreos are actually quite rich. If you grind a few up, add in extra richness in the form of cream cheese, and then compress the mixture into a tiny sphere, let's just say that one oreo truffle is enough to satisfy even the most hardcore chocoholics. So the strawberry here helps in cutting through the monotonous chocolaty-ness.

Other than the degree of richness, the texture of the truffle also surprised me. I thought that the cookies would still retain a bit of crunch but they didn't at all. In fact, the truffles were almost a bit chewy. I didn't dip mine in chocolate because I thought they were sweet enough and okay, I was lazy, but I think they would have benefitted from a good dunk as the outer coating would provide a textural contrast.

I imagine using chocolate-cream-filled oreos would really pack a punch. Hmm... it is quite a scary thought...

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  1. I love truffles, is the most delicious stuff in the world, if you have more recipes with it, please share them with us.