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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

cream cheese and blueberry cake.

It sounds like a cheesecake recipe, but it's not. It's actually two layers of sponge with a cream cheese mousse and sweet juicy blueberries sandwiched in between with swirls of meringue torched on top. The original version from Pierre Herme calls for ladyfinger biscuits instead of the sponge but anyway...

Pierre Herme is a name that you're gonna see around here very often now, so get used to it. Along with the multi-component recipes which can require you to start planning days before you bake and the countless number of bowls you have to wash. Why am I doing this to myself?

I'm sadistic. I truly am.

The mousse isn't sweetened to the point of cream cheese frosting but only with a touch of sugar so that its tartness shines through. It contrasts with the plump sweet berries and I'll say that this is one of my favourite food combos evah!

I was quite disappointed with the sponge though. The recipe was also taken from Pierre Herme's book and it was a simple straightforward one. Very traditionally french, unlike recipes that have been modified for a softer, more fine-textured sponge which I'm more used to. The texture was really rough and coarse, but certain areas with more lemon syrup brushed on were more palatable.

Something is wrong with my meringue. It became grainy and a pain to pipe on top. The picture of the cake in the book showed really smooth swirly piping. Hmm...


  1. Amanda, it looks gorgeous. Even if you didn't point out the disappointing parts of it, I would have believed you if you said it was the most orgasmic cake on earth!

  2. Even with the slight imperfections you feel are present, to me it looks UTTERLY perfect! The flavours and textures are just beautiful, you couldnt wish for a much more wonderful summery cake :)

  3. Oh good this blueberry pie is the most delicious stuff I've ever taste in my whole life!