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Monday, July 4, 2011

one ingredient banana ice cream.

If there were an "easiest ice cream" award, this would be the winner.

It just requires bananas!

And it's frickin' delicious! And low fat! And high in fibre! What more can you possibly ask for?

Well, maybe except for a whole bowlful of this.

The texture is so creamy but possibly a little gloopy, a bit like mashed bananas but less mushy. It's important to use bananas that are ripe as opposed to firm yellow ones, because ripen bananas are sweeter- freezing the bananas won't change the taste of anything. Also, do not freeze the banana as a whole. Chop it up into smaller chunks before, or something bad may happen to your food processor...

At first, the bananas may be too frozen to properly break down, so just hold on for a while and let them thaw a little, and save some noise pollution as well. Keep processing, and you should get crystals of bananas. Keep on going, it should get considerably quieter now, and you know that your "ice cream" is ready!

I had mine with some gorgeous bittersweet hot fudge sauce. Oh yeah.

Get step-by-step instructions here!

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  1. Banana ice cream with chocolate in innapropiate amounts may chill your brain honey ;)