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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

these ain't your ordinary blondies.

Why? Because they have brown butter in them. Not only that, instead of all brown sugar, I used a mixture of dark brown and normal brown sugar. And, instead of the usual butterscotch chips, these babies are packed with pecans, coconut, milk and white chocolate chips. You can call them Congo Bars too.

They are just like the cousins of a rich, dense and fudgy brownie. No leavening at all. No siree.

The only problem with my chocolate chips was that some of them melted even when I was mixing the batter. It must be the heat from the melted butter, but the blondie turned out delicious all the same! I like them chilled.
I love how the toasty pecans work with the brown butter and brown sugar in these blondies. 100% worth my effort  yesterday! Speaking of brown butter, the flavour came through the first bite, but subsequently disappeared with the next few chews. The flavour was, well, kinda flat. So what did I do? I sprinkled on some sea salt.

Now we're talking. 

The use of milk chocolate chips with the white chocolate chips brought out the caramel flavour of the blondies. Inspiration from America's Test Kitchen! But I wonder if it's too much caramel flavour, which masked the brown butter scent in them. Perhaps I should use light brown sugar the next time?
Believe it or not, this was my first time making blondies! I didn't know if I preferred a cakier kind or a fudgy kind but after this experiment, I can safely say I'm a cakey gal. Fudgy is great, but only in brownies, in my opinion. 

I made use of a basic blondie recipe from smitten kitchen and made some changes of my own. Basically, I used halved the recipe, brown butter, added 1/4 cup of toasted pecans, 1/2 cup of toasted coconut and 1/3 cup of a mixture of milk and white chocolate chips.
Another thing I would like to add to the batter next time is something refreshing. Something with a little zing to it, because the flavour definitely dulls after a while. Maybe some orange zest for a wake-me-up?

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