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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

peanut butter banana smoothie.

I feel sorry for those poor souls with a peanut allergy. Same goes for banana-haters.


They can't have the almighty peanut butter-banana combo!

By the way, don't you think bananas are amazing? They are nearly unbeatable sauteed, grilled and caramelized but frozen? It's like eating banana ice cream! I'm serious. One of the healthiest and speediest desserts ever! Just slice the banana into chunks, stick a toothpick in if you're going to dip it into something, wait for a few hours after chucking it into the freezer, then eat it as it is. No defrosting necessary, please.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
serves 1

Trust me. A little peanut butter goes a long way. 

1 banana, sliced and frozen
2/3 to 1 cup milk, depending on how you like the consistency
2 tsp peanut butter

Throw everything in a blender and blend.


  1. I just made this :) it was delish. thank you for posting!!!

  2. oh and i put a little but of vanilla bean ice cream.. haha

  3. Oh wow... Peanut butter + Banana + Vanilla Ice Cream?! Must be heavenly xD