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Sunday, March 29, 2015

strawberries and condensed milk whipped cream pancake tacos.

Today's post is more of a recipe idea. The title is already pretty self-explanatory but I'll give you a brief run down on these pancake tacos anyway. (Somehow the word "tacos" doesn't really go with "pancakes" but "sandwiches" isn't particularly accurate either so oh well.)

breakfast / dessert - strawberries and condensed milk whipped cream pancake tacos

Basically, you have pancakes formed into the shape of a taco which when cooled, are filled with cream whipped with a bit of condensed milk and then studded with strawberries. These are not at all challenging to make but the shaping of the pancakes part was admittedly a bit of a pain to figure out at first. I didn't have a proper mold of sorts so I eventually made do by inserting the pancakes into a narrow cup to cool. It's important that you manipulate the pancakes while they're hot so that they don't split into half when you bend them. Oh yes, you will want to use a pancake recipe that makes thick and fluffy ones so that the pancake tacos can stand on their own. Unfortunately I used a pancake mix today so I don't have a recipe to share. For those who are interested, it's by Hotel New Otani, a Japanese brand.

Before you pipe the cream in you should ensure that the pancakes are completely cool. If you're impatient you can just speed things up by refrigerating them. For good measure I shoved the pancakes in the fridge overnight such that they are completely firm - you can be assured that they will hold their shape nice and sturdy then.

I was worried at first that the pancakes will be dry and tough, basically completely unpalatable when cold at first but I'm starting to think that cold pancakes are pretty darn delicious! At least the pancakes made using this pancake mix are. They weren't that dry - nothing that a bit of whipped cream can't fix anyway - nor were they brick hard; they literally tasted like cake!

These were a ton of fun to assemble and the dusting of icing sugar made them look totally gorgeous. I hope these appear on your breakfast table soon!


  1. Pancake tacos? Sounds like my kind of breakfast! I will have to try this idea sometime :)

  2. This is fusion food at its best. I love these sweet tacos! :-)

    1. I had a feeling that you would like these!!