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Monday, December 19, 2011

there's more than tastespotting.

Let's face it. I'm not that good a photographer. More often than not, the pictures I submit are brutally rejected by Tastespotting.


"lighting issues"...

"blurry/unsharp picture"...

I would say that only 50% or less of my pictures actually make it out there for everyone to view. Sure, everytime a picture appears in the "declined" page, it stings. But I can totally understand. Okay, maybe just sometimes. Tastespotting's got standards to uphold. I can't deny that Tastespotting has good quality photos, something that really makes me enjoy browsing through.

But what if you try and try and try but still can't get that picture through? Well, here are your answers. I found this incredibly useful page with links to other foodie websites to which you can try uploading your photos to. I've not tried but they should have the bar set lower than Tastespotting's or Foodgawker's. Kudos to Cook and Be Merry for creating this list!

1. Kitchen Artistry
2. Tasteologie
3. Dishfolio
4. Dessert Stalking
5. Food and Fizz
6. YumGallery
7. eRecipeCards
8. Finding Vegan
9. Refrigerator Soup
10. Liqurious
11. Tasty Days
12. Savory Sights
13. TasteFix
14. Opensource Food
15. Foodieview
16. Knapkins
17. Foodepix

18. Photograzing 
19. Tasty Kitchen 
20. TasteStopping (nope, this is not Tastespotting with a spelling error)
21. Food Porn Daily

And of course, there's Foodgawker too.

I don't mean for this post to serve as any form of attack on Tastespotting but I would just like for everyone to have some alternatives. Many of us have innovative recipes to share but may not have the photography skills to get them posted on sites which place much emphasis on the quality of the image. Hopefully more great ideas will be floating around with other sites to turn to!


  1. What a fantastic list! I'll have to check out Cook and Be Merry. I find though that Tastespotting is not so much picky but really hypocritical in what they do or do not publish - and it's a shame really, as plenty of people are flocking to other, seemingly more welcoming, food sites.

  2. There's also Zenspotting (http://zencancook.com/zenspotting/) for adventurous/serious chefs.