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Sunday, December 25, 2011

c is for christmas and cookies.

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's not my tradition to bake cookies for Christmas but my cousin practically demanded for them, and not just those easy drop cookies, but checkerboard cookies. Since it's Christmas, I decided to push myself a little and I make a whole variety of shapes out of a same dough.

I got the dough recipe from Sweetapolita because she claims that it's her favourite reliable sugar cookie dough. The only changes I made were to sub half the sugar for brown sugar and omit the lemon extract, adding almond extract instead.

Brown sugar definitely made a more flavorful cookie and although the cookie dough was redolent of almond before baking, it disappeared after. Perhaps I should have added more but I was afraid of making it taste too artificially of almond.

As great as it tasted, the dough was finicky to roll. It would start turning sticky within minutes of rolling. It may not be the recipe's fault because I live in an incredibly hot and humid climate, even if it's cooler this time of the year. That's why my candy canes turned out so horribly- because the slim cylinders of dough were melting in my hands despite freezing them before handling. That candy cane you see there is probably the best one I made, out of the five I made myself persist through before slapping the remains together in defeat.

The dresses were the most frustrating ones. They nearly convinced me to never make roll-out cookies again. But I shall see about that.

The checkerboard cookies were weird. The green and yellow parts managed to alternate themselves but the red remained in one straight line. I did rotate the strips, naturally, which is why this remains as a mystery to me...

I had alot of fun making these cookies. I might attempt more shapes next time. Definitely with a more stable dough.

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