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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

hot milk with honey lavender marshmallows.

Hello hello. So I made honey lavender marshmallows, or tried to, more accurately, the other. They didn't quite set and that was pretty disappointing because they tasted so good. I wanted to top a cup of hot milk off with a few fluffy cubes of marshmallows but I realized that I could do that too even though the marshmallows weren't what I pictured them to be. Instead of cubes, they would just be more like marshmallow-fluff-consistency.

Aesthetics aside, the fact that the marshmallows didn't set meant that they were not as fluffy as they were supposed to be. I've actually made this recipe a few times before, the original version, and the marshmallows turned out ethereally cloud-like. They melted beautifully too. This time, they were denser, which I think was due to the extra liquid. The only adjustments I did were swapping all of the corn syrup for equal parts honey and adding dried lavender buds that were crushed. Technically, the recipe shouldn't turn out a flop. I have a pretty good idea where the recipe went wrong. An embarrassing one too. I used too much water to sprinkle the powdered gelatin over, and I knew it then and there. I was just too lazy to pour the extra water out of the bowl. As you can see, big mistake.

I got over my initial disappointment of the marshmallows not setting properly once I tasted them. They were like little fluffy explosions of honey with a beautiful floral tint from the lavender. I totally understand now why this combination is so popular.

If you would like to try these marshmallows, refer to this post for the basic recipe and swap the 1 cup of corn syrup for 1 cup of honey, and add 2 tsp of dried lavender that has been ground when making the sugar syrup. You won't regret it. And don't forget to have some with warmed milk!

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