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Thursday, April 12, 2012

summer berry pudding.

Another winner from Pierre Herme's other book, Desserts by Pierre Herme. I swear, that book's da bomb! Especially his creations involving mousse like here and here which I love like no other.

This dessert is made up of a mixture of berries saturated in an orange-vanilla syrup which was supposed to have mint but I didn't have at the moment, lightened-up lemon cream and a border of buttery toasted bread.

Clearly, this isn't a cake. But the way it is constructed prompted me to take out my serrated knife. I cut into it... and the filling oozed out. But no matter. All the more reason for me to brandish my spoon and scoop up the excess. A lot of excess.

The lemon cream used in the filling is something like lemon curd but employs a very different mixing method, with the butter whipped into it instead of being combined with melted butter. The result is a creamy, fluffy mousse like cream which is light years apart from lemon curd. It is phenomenal. I must try this with other fruits!

The lemon filling also consists of fromage blanc which I subbed with yogurt, whipped cream and gelatin to stabilize. It requires very minimal effort to throw everything together and you get a creamy refreshing mousse that's extremely addictive which pairs perfectly with the sweet berries.

I should have chose a bread with a softer crumb so that it would be easier to bite into. Somehow, a rustic loaf does not fit in with the word "pudding" although I love the slight saltiness it gave to the dessert. Speaking of saltiness, I tried the pudding with peanut butter as well. A complete bastardization but totally awesome!

I would make this again in a heartbeat.

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