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Saturday, February 7, 2015

chaos and carbs.

Hola! I don't have a new recipe today but I just wanted to update the blog. Well actually I just brought the blog back from a state of chaos and destruction and I feel so relieved that I just felt like posting something. I don't think I managed to make my point but in essence, I'm o v e r j o y e d ! Argh never will I attempt to play around with the blog template again, no matter how bored I am. If you saw the mess the blog was in when I was formatting it I'm so sorry it will never happen again!! *traumatized for life* Essentially there were duplicates of the blog header and posts and there was no "remove" option in the layout (faints). There were a few widgets that were all over the place as well. I'm not sure how it happened but I think loading in a new template must have modified the basic layout somehow. Anyway, I managed to get everything back to normal (after 2 hours) and I'm so happy to have my plain old blog back again *tears of joy* Looks like I'm doomed to be a techno-idiot for life.

So on to some interesting content that doesn't make me sound like an incapable fool.

Here is a tart that I've not blogged about, an orange custard almond tart. The tart shell and custard recipe is the same as the blueberry custard tart's.

And here is a variation of the berries tart I made a while back, a strawberry nutella cheese tart (which is positively dreamy!).

Out of the five or so times I've baked the cheese tart, this one's gotta be the best looking one. I'm just devastated that it wasn't mine to eat.

One day I was bored out of my wits and wanted to bake something quick. The answer - muffins!

This fine specimen of a muffin here is a kinako maple syrup chocolate and peanut butter chips muffin drizzled with a coffee nutella sauce. The muffin recipe needed a bit of tweaking but the sauce oh my god the sauce (!) is perfect. Get some instant coffee powder, hot water and a generous dollop of nutella and voila! The key to world peace.

Drizzled (poured?) more of that amazing sauce on the kinako banana chiffon sandwiches I made.

Bummed that I missed world nutella day but made up for it the day after in the easiest and one of the tastiest possible fashions.

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