I've Moved!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hi all! I have just pulled off an amazing feat, for me at least - I have enabled the pin button for my images so that you guys can upload the images to Pinterest more easily! Applause, fireworks, whoops of joy! I'm not the most tech-savvy person so even something like this can cause me to suffer a nervous breakdown; please forgive my over-enthusiasm. Incidentally, this is also why my blog is plain and basic as can be. Adding a header is enough to make me feel like beheading myself (believe me, I tried to do so last year), and changing the template, let's not even go there. But you know what, I've kinda really grown to love the minimalist look over the years.

I would have liked to used this icon you see up there but after trying to customize the code it didn't work, so I just used the default instead. But I'm just really glad that I got it up and running so I'm okay with the iconic red. That, and because I really wanted to escape from the wall of techno-garble stat.

So anyway, I hope this benefits you guys! Pin away~

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