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Thursday, June 26, 2014

pancake stacks.

Hello! I'm popping in today to introduce you all to four glorious pancake stacks I've made some time ago; no new recipe today I'm afraid because I'm trying to direct, albeit with great reluctance, all my energy towards exam preparation. It's not that I'm studying to the extent that I don't have time to bake (I highly doubt that I have the capacity to do so anyway), but just the knowledge that they are imminent triggers my sense of guilt if I take time off to fiddle with flour instead of explaining the impact of globalisation on economies, and causes enough stress that my creativity is suppressed - even if I wanted to bake, I wouldn't know what to. It is the most horrible feeling, wanting yet not being able to come up with anything. I've never really had any difficulties conjuring up my next creation except yes, in times of stress; it's not new but it's upsetting all the same. The day my mind truly and permanently draws a blank would be the day my soul is as barren and vacuous. Or something like that.

On to happier things!

Firstly I must profess that all pancakes you see here are made using hotcake mixes that are Japanese brands of course. I have absolute faith and trust in their products as biased as that may seem. I'm fully aware that anything made-from-scratch is seen as superior to something that originated partially from a box but, and I underline, bold and italicise, pancakes that are made using Japanese hotcake mixes can triumph your treasured traditional family pancake recipe that has been passed down for generations and generations if you like 'em thick, fluffy and a little sweet. Please please take special note of the last clause because I wouldn't want to generate any false expectations.

P.S. I think watching the rounds of pancake batter slowly firm up around the edges, looking on as large bubbles emerge from the center before flipping them over to see them rise as if they are balloons that have been gently inflated with air is incredibly therapeutic. Definitely worth having to wash up all the utensils later on. (Of course it would be even better if I didn't have to though.)

And without further ado, in chronological order:

1. Alternately layered with custard cream and cream cheese, topped with a smattering of chocolate chips and adorned with strawberries.

2. Half of the batter had two generous spoonfuls of green tea powder stirred in to make green tea pancakes. The entire ensemble sounds something like, from bottom up: plain pancake, red bean paste, green tea pancake, marmalade, plain pancake, red bean paste, green tea pancake and more marmalade and red bean paste as embellishments.

3. Because I've always secretly desired to drown a tall stack of fluffy pancakes in chocolate sauce, I made a chocolate cinnamon one to douse my pancakes in, but not before propping up layers of pancakes with some black bean brownie squares. I added to my art piece a handful of blueberries and a strawberry for colour (and also because I really really love blueberries).

4. The most recent one which consists of so many components, two of which were leftovers from a cake I made. Sandwiched in between the bottommost and the middle pancakes are slices of banana and some homemade black sesame paste, and between the middle and topmost pancakes Pierre Herme's lemon curd with strawberries and blueberries. The garnishes at the top are a repetition of what that were already included with the addition of tiny clouds of white chocolate cream.

So there you have it! I think it is evident that I have a thing for over-the-top pancake stacks. Believe me, it's really hard to go back to just pancakes and maple syrup. Even with the salted butter.

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