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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

mini vanilla cupcakes.

I made mini cupcakes with this recipe from Glorious Treats that I used before. I wouldn't call it my go-to vanilla cupcake recipe but it's pretty darn good. The cupcakes were light and fluffy in a spongey way and not too sweet with a perfect hit of salt. My only complaints are that the cupcake sticks to the paper liner a lot and it is a bit too soft. I would swap out the cake flour for all-purpose for a sturdier cupcake. I think there's possibly too much leavening too in this recipe. The holes tunneling through the cupcakes are pretty big.

I did a two-tone vanilla frosting to go on top of the cupcakes and showered them with sprinkles just because. The frosting was sweet, as usual, and paired perfectly with these slightly-salty cupcakes.

How about you? Which is your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe and what frosting do you usually pair it with?


  1. Tunneling is more likely caused by over-mixing, not from leavening.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I tried this yesterday ! It works!
    My family like the Mini Vanilla Cupcakes so much! Thank you for making me look like a professional cooker. :)
    Hey, do you mind submitting your photos to http://www.foodporn.net to make others hungry?
    You know it’s fun to do that. LOL. Hey, probably they would do this recipe too. :)

    1. I'm glad you like them! Nope, I don't mind:) Please do!

  3. How cute!

    // Anne