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Friday, February 10, 2012


I get attracted to exotic recipes.

I would flip pass a recipe for a chocolate chip cookie and stop at a page that says alfajores, or something like that. There's nothing wrong with the classics but trying new, exciting things is probably one of the most fun aspects of baking.

When I read Dorie's Baking From My Home to Yours a while back, I bookmarked many recipes, including this one for kugelhopf. What really pulled me in was the fact that it had a foreign name, and that it was baked in a kugelhopf pan. Ha.

Kugelhopf, I gather, is basically like a brioche in a not so conventional shape. I did a bit of research on what others had to say about this recipe and my results were a little less than promising. Some said that the kugelhopf did not match up to their expectations, and some even said that it was way too dry. Although, I did find a few who would gladly make this bread (cake?) again and again.

Nevertheless, I stuck to my plan and baked the kugelhopf. It certainly wasn't dry. Even if I did skip the butter and sugar soak after baking. In fact, it was the very opposite. It was soft, moist and so bouncy that it could double as a golden pillow. However, I did find it lacking it sweetness so the icing sugar really helped. And it was also a bit yeasty- probably because I let it rise for too long.

All in all, I wouldn't make it again but it's a pretty decent recipe.

For the full recipe and instructions, please head on over to here.

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